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Emmy Hennings, writing on My Disco in Mess+Noise (sorely missed, btw), came up with a turn of phrase that is decidedly Foucauldian and yet insanely applicable to manifold teenage cultural forms:

"Cancer favourites ‘Perfect Protection’ and ‘Measure Wait’ elicit big cheers, and I wonder how a sound so blunt can be pleasurable, and what celebration this largely teenage audience might be finding inside of it. But, moving compulsively to their final song, wanting its artillery tank ferocity to go on forever while simultaneously praying for it to end, I think I understand. This music is both a mirror of discipline and its inversion. In here, the change from one note to the next can promise a space the size of the world."

Every new inscription only serves to create another limit, Foucault might say.

Though when I think about teen films and similar things, there's very much this sense. Transgression as inverted moral teaching.


birthdays as reflexive byproducts of social networks

On a friend's Facebook wall:
"Because of new facebook's ridiculous layout i forgot to wish you a happy birthday!"